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AMI Black Woven Leather



AMI Black Woven Leather Derbys



Crockett & Jones - S/S 2014

I love those shoes! Very classy! Timeless!

Every man should buy this manual!

Every man should buy this manual!


Are you looking for umbrellas? If so, then you are right here!

In Milan you’ll find the right shop for your needs!

Francesco Maglia! This fifth-generation company produces sophisticated umbrellas by hand, in no less than 70 steps. Designed with the highbrow gentlemen in mind, they are finished with traditional wooden handles that highlight the beauty of the natural material.


So, I had a very long exam period!But now I’m back with new “projects”
Stay tuned…!


So, I had a very long exam period!

But now I’m back with new “projects”

Stay tuned…!


So, last week I was at the event of Style of Zug! It was amazing. Close to 100 invited guest were there - national and international guests!

The owner of the Shop, Samuel Naldi - a good friend of mine, and my neighbour - had this amazing idea to create a beautiful fountain pen for the jubilee of Style of Zug!

The subject of this beautiful pen is the Zuger clock tower! The tower is 52 meters high and the pen is also limited to 52 pieces!

As you can see from the photos, the landmark of Zug on the fountain pen is made by hand! The artiste is from Florence/Italy, her name is Stefania Pastacaldi!

The Brand of this pen is Stipula - and the owner of this manufacture, Luca Viti, was also there! The nib is made of 18 carat gold, it’s good for a pleasant writing experience! And on the cap, you see the 8 crests of some cantons - and also made by manual work! 

Incredible work! I like it very much!

Hope you like it!

Take care!

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Today I will be at ‘Style of Zug’!

For the jubilee of ‘Style of Zug’, they present a very special writing instrument made for the canton of Zug.

The subject of the writing instrument will be the Zuger Clock Tower!

I’m very excited! And of course each Zuger politician should have this writing instrument! But they have to be quickly, it’s a limited edition!

Stay tuned!



Top model Kate Moss and actor Chiwetel Ejiofor pose in Istambul for Vogue US December 2013, shot by Mario Testino.

date 12.11.13 time 20:30

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Istanbul beyefendisi! ;)

Lord of Istanbul!


Istanbul beyefendisi! ;)

Lord of Istanbul!

Remember Ataturk!

Today It’s the 75th anniversary of Ataturk’s death! 

For his glory, I post some photos of Ataturk!

Ataturk is a genius man with a genius style!

—> Check out my blog! I analyzed Ataturk’s timeless style!

RIP Atam!

Some casual looks for politicians!
I recommend this selection of looks for politicians!
Enjoy it!

Some casual looks for politicians!

I recommend this selection of looks for politicians!

Enjoy it!

Einmal um die USA mit der Vespa!

Once around the U.S. on a Vespa!

Mit der Vespa (Modell 1969) von Ordu (Nordtürkei) nach London! Und das - sage und schreibe - 19 Mal!

Und: 1978 fuhr der Herr mit seiner Vespa die US-amerikanische Grenze entlang und legte eine Strecke von 7000 Km zurück!
Dabei verbrauchte er 7 Tonnen Benzin, 350 Kg Motoröl und verbrachte 3000 Stunden auf seiner Vespa!

Geil, oder? :D


With the Vespa (model 1969) from Ordu (northern Turkey) to London! And - believe it or not - 19 times!

And: 1978 he drove with his Vespa along the U.S. border and covered a distance of 7000 km back!
He spent seven tons of gasoline, 350 kg motor oil and spent 3000 hours on his Vespa!

Enjoy the video!

"I’m a politician of the green party, and I don’t go with the motorbike to the parliament!"

—> regarding my previous post!

No panic!

I have some bicycles for you! And of course - really stylish bicycles!

And some of them have a luggage rack! And of sure you can put your documents on the luggage rack!

The first three bikes are from Martone

The two in the middle are from Vanguard

And the last three are from Porteur

Last but not least: For cold mornings —> Leather gloves!

Enjoy it!

Selection of certain photos regarding my previous post.